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What is Vampire Facelift?

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Everyone wants a perfect appearance, but some can afford to change what they have, and some cannot, owing to the cost involved in it. As blunt as it may sound, it is a reality that fitness and beauty enthusiasts have already come to terms with.

Cosmetic or plastic surgery has always been popular among celebrities, but some of them are now opting for a less painful and cost-effective method – the vampire facelift. Many of you may know the term, but what it actually is still a mystery.


Vampire Facelift- in details

There is a considerable difference between vampire facelift and plastic surgery. A simple cosmetic surgery can correct some of your facial structures, but a Vampire facelift offers much more. It rejuvenates the skin for a younger, healthier one, keeping it glowing, and young forever.

Vampire Facelift is actually a clinical procedure to reposition the facial tissues that have loosened with age. The procedure uses the Selphyl method to draw blood from the patient’s arm that will be injected in specific areas on the face that require rejuvenation. However, before doing that, the blood is spun in a centrifuge so that the platelets get separated from the blood. This centrifuged blood is then re-injected in areas that have loose skin and have lost volume.

These injections are administered in combination with fat injections for a smoother, plumper face. However, it must be remembered that this procedure requires an extreme level of skill and can only be done by a certified doctor. There have been cases where people have undergone the process in parlours and spas and later suffered face loss.


The procedure of Vampire Facelift

During the process of cosmetic surgery, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers are pushed into a particular area, which further help in lifting the skin from the bone, giving one a youthful look. It is said to smoothen the skin and give it a plumper, younger look.

It comprises of three steps:

  1. The physician who is performing the lift uses HA fillers at the first stage. With this, he gets an idea which portion of the face would need how much lift. The expert ensures that the primary face structure of the patient is considered before redesigning the appearance. A lot of research goes behind the procedure so that an unnatural face is not developed. The advancements are so rapid that now there is a separate stream of cosmetology that deals only with Vampire Facelifts.
  2. 2 teaspoons full of blood is taken, and the centrifuge is used to separate the platelet from the blood, which is later used to heal the injured tissues. The platelets are activated and are considered the 8 growth factors.
  3. These growth factors are then injected into the patient’s face by numbing the area. A very thin needle is used to carry out the procedure so that there is no pain.


Advantages of Vampire Facelift

Experts in the field attach just one disadvantage to the procedure – that it may affect the vision of the patient. There are more advantages to it, which are:

  • It is a superior alternative to Botox, which has more consequences than Vampire Facelift.
  • It does not lead to any contagious disease because one’s own blood is used in the procedure
  • It is more affordable than any other cosmetic surgery and can typically range from $900 to $1500.
  • It is a painless procedure compared to other surgeries
  • There are reportedly no downtimes and no side effects
  • People undergoing the process can be guaranteed of excellent skin quality, clarity, and volume
  • It is a non-invasive procedure


A few on the downside

Every method has its pros and some cons, but these somehow do not come in the way of people opting for the beauty procedure. The results are tried and tested and have shown a guaranteed outcome when conducted by licensed specialists in the field. However, patients should be aware of the following disadvantages so that they take an informed decision. They are as follows:

The blood that is drawn from the patient does not add volume to areas that did not have volume previously but will add to places that were previously voluminous.

  • Most plastic surgeons do not have faith in this procedure and do not recommend it either
  • FDA approval of Selphyl for facial rejuvenation is yet to be ascertained
  • It is a slow process, and the results require some time to show
  • The procedure is yet to be approved by objective data or national clinical trials


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